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System requirements to read the book: either PDF reader version 11.0 or version DC.  Go to Adobe official website at

A professionally written 1080 page exposé — Culmination of Five (5) years of research


The book is an elaborate referenced publication on the New King James Bible (”NKJV”). Compelling evidence will show that the NKJV version supports the Antichrist.  It exposes the extent of Roman Catholic collaboration with Thomas Nelson and the NKJV Translators. Subsequent changes made to NKJV scripture by them are found throughout. The NKJV is analysed through the use of comprehensive illustrations, diagrams, data tables, graphs and flowcharts. As part of this exposé, numerous scholars and teachers are uncovered for their apostasy. Other topics analysed, apart from the NKJV as the main topic, include :

  • Origin of all Bibles

  • NKJV/Modern Versions validate Jehovah’s Witnesses Doctrine

  • Pantheism beliefs, freemasons' dream, included in the Bible — a vital antichrist global ideology

  • The Triquetra, the Radioactive/BioHazrad Symbols, the Olympics, Nazi/freemason secret Doctrine and its Superman philosophy, and Bathomet — what is the connection?? What connects them all together as one?? What is the relevance to Jacob’s trouble??

  • Helena Blavatsky, the top 18th century luciferian, instrumental in the occult and present-day practices — the most influential secret philosophy behind the beginning of Nazi Germany by the indoctrination of the German population (late 1800s) — preparatory for a brute force killing machine — the Nazi military 

  • Analysis of Nazism, Nazi Eugenics, Propaganda and the upcoming "new" Nazi regime

  • The Holocaust — its inception, the developmental stages, and its culmination with the Final Solution — its relevance today and those who hold to Biblical values/BORN AGAIN BELIEVERS in the near future

  • Meticulous analysis of the composition of the beast regime and its implementation

  • Influential factors of change to the NKJV

  • How will vaccines play a role to establish the beast system?? Why Vaccines?? A scientific academic analysis and examination of the Bible to show the connection

  • The analysis of a future, global all-encompassing Holocaust to come  — the time of Jacob's Trouble (the Tribulation)

  • Evidence of Anti-Semitism at the heart of the NKJV and ALL modern versions

  • Rupert Murdoch / Fox corporation and the purpose of publishing company monopoly

  • Symbols, modern day logos and their relationship with the mark of the beast and antichrist himself

  • Warnings for believers and non-Christians of coming future events

  • And much more

This author explores current clinical and scientific advancements to explain how science and political trends are heralding the way for a New World Order. What will the New World Order look like? What are their operational goals? Are they a Fifth Column Organisation? Have Jesuit Priests had an hand in this, and to what extent is their involvement? An in-depth examination of freemasonry symbolism/ideas in Chapter four unveil an intrinsic part of their intentions and operational purposes for the mark of the beast system. World trends in the emerging church apostasy and adjustments are harmonizing with other world religions. These above topics were researched in extensive detail, and  this is where the NKJV rabbit trail leads. Disgraceful historical evidence will show anti-Semitism is at the heart of the NKJV and all modern bibles. 


The book provides explicit, scientific analysis of the mark of the beast: the replication of altered DNA and the intention to change the human genome. This comprises an methodical historical review of antiquity, it's relevance then and now, with discussion on modern-day biotech advancements. In that light, the book addresses the whole area of vaccines that will alter the Human Genome, or has Marilyn Ferguson (1980) puts it, the emergence of "homo novus, a new human being." In the NAZI era, this field of genetics was called "Eugenics." In fact, the pre-cursor was the legal case, Buck v. Bell. After WW2, circa. 1950, given the horrific nature of the Nazi inhumane experiments, they had to rename it in order to continue on their genetic research, without attracting censure or condemnation. Having done so, molecular knowledge advancements have rocketed to a completely unprecedented level - biotech vaccine technology, for use in invasive medical procedures. The culmination is the Beast system.


The three threads that run through these topics are the concept of ‘hybridisation’ or fusion, freemasonry and the Roman Catholic Church. This is at the heart of the delusion that God will bring upon the whole world and is at the heart of the NKJV. 


This book is suitable for prophecy experts, entry level interest about future events, academics, Bible Students, and for persons who do not hold any form of Biblical knowledge.


The Author, David Horsfall

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